• Sailor Moon Illustration

    Sailor Moon Illustration

  • OrderUp! Illustrations for Animation

    OrderUp! Illustrations for Animation

    See the final video here: OrderUp!

  • OpenMed Illustrations for Animation

    OpenMed Illustrations for Animation

    See the full video here: OpenMed

  • Space Animation Illustrations

    Space Animation Illustrations

  • Mushroom Kingdom Postcard

    Mushroom Kingdom Postcard

  • SketchBook


    Some of my fav location sketches.

  • Patterns & Illustrations developed for Lilla Rogers Love What You Do

    Patterns & Illustrations developed for Lilla Rogers Love What You Do

  • Hug


  • Canadian Kids Magazine Illustrations

    Canadian Kids Magazine Illustrations

  • Story Book Illustrations

    Story Book Illustrations

  • Amelie Expressions

    Amelie Expressions

  • Amelie Character Design

    Amelie Character Design

  • Watercolour Sketches

    Watercolour Sketches

    Sketches from my journal.

  • Locqus Illustration

    Locqus Illustration

    illustration: Michelle Ouellette Design + Animation: Chad Thompson Sound Design + Music: Keith Thompson concept/art direction: […]

  • Princess Safari

    Princess Safari

    The designs for Princess Safari and her animal friends are designed for a reading app for […]

  • Legend Of Zelda

    Legend Of Zelda

    A Link to the past; my favourite video game! This illustration is personal work- made just […]

  • Plush Owl Toy Design

    Plush Owl Toy Design

    This super cute owl was developed for the craft market using several different fabric pieces and […]

  • Bah Boom

    Bah Boom

    Bah Boom is written by Mick Thompson and follows a soundless boy at an Irish wake […]

  • Kite Animation

    Kite Animation

    This animation was developed as a teaching piece for a learning seminar I taught at the […]

  • Baby & Wedding Spot Illustrations

    Baby & Wedding Spot Illustrations